Steampunk e-bike cruisers from Southern neighbor

Picture (c) 2014 Liberator Bike
I stumbled upon interesting small scale electric bicycle manufacturing blog from Estonia; Liberator Bike.

Unlike other e-bikes I have spotted this both looks good, or at least steampunk bonk, and has full suspension on both ends. All other e-bikes I have so far spotted are either falling in to one of these categories, or neither.

Overall look & feel of the Liberator bike resembles 1920 and 1930 era board trackers. Just like my Harrison does, though where Harrison is more about race and purpose Liberator goes over the board.

If I was to design a Liberator my hands would be itching on quite a many details but I would not touch the rear or front suspension. With little over 7000 km on Espoo and Helsinki bikeways I have a firm belief suspension would be handy...

Liberator has opted for wheel hub engine which is used through three gears. Design wise this is cool solution but makes me wonder the cost of the solution, and feasibility of just three gears. Also, I'd hate to pedal Liberator as a bicycle only after the battery is dead. Pedaling and e-bike like Harrison with more traditional ergonomics is already hard enough. E-bikes tend to be weight wise on the heavy side.

I wonder if we could get the Liberator Bikes from Estonia to join the next Harrison rally (1st Annual Harrison e-bike rally (8.9.2014)) in Helsinki? Or are they having similar event in Estonia?

Ah, and the link to the Liberator blog: